4 'C' Vision

by enabling wider access to electronic payment services

by enhancing user experience through ease of use and of product and processes

by promoting the integrity of systems, the security of operations and customer protection

by making services cost-effective for users as well as service providers

Welcome to Yuva Pay

Welcome to Yuva Pay - YUVA PAY is a mobile payment platform for the last mile rural population who are Un-Connected and Un-banked. YUVA PAY is a pioneer in the mobile payments field and designed a new payment platform which can be used to make payments with or without an internet connection, supporting both smart and features phones. YUVA PAY’s goal it to enable its users/customer/merchants to send and receive money, anywhere and at any time seamlessly. The company plans to empower 500+ million Lower and Middle Income rural users with 5+ million retail shops across Tier-2 and below cities in India. Using the power of Offline Mobile Payment (PATENT Pending Technology), we have made it our mission to build a One Single Payment Solution which translates all our cash transaction into digital payment, to enable a CASHLESS society.