One Solution Which Help Both Customers And Retailers

Prashanth Naik (07 October, 2020)

Mr. RAM runs a small business of selling homemade products, he also does home delivery to his customers. Ram handles his company accounts himself but due to his busy schedule he always failed to produce proper record. He has to travel long way to deliver his customer's order and the customer's pay him directly by cash. While traveling to remote areas it is unsafe to carry large amounts.

To overcome this problem, he tried many online applications but he failed in that because those applications requires the internet connection but ram was handling his business in the remote areas where the internet connection won't work. After getting the guide lines about Yuva pay application by one of his friends. He started to use the application, so that he can be paid easily, while traveling also there is no need to carry any amounts or any accounts books. As the transactions are done directly with the bank accounts it helps his customer's, now customers can transfer the amount through mobile payments instead of running towards ATM.

If any users want to make digital payments to merchants or anyone else, users must access to Internet connection because the available transactions are based on internet connections. But the Yuva pay app works with or without the Internet connectivity and supports in both smart and feature phones.