A Best Solution Which Made Praveen As A Loyal Customer

Prashanth Naik (07 October, 2020)

Mr. Praveen is the owner of Vinayak fast food. Everyday many people visit his Fast-food Centre after completing the office work and other tasks. Most of the people prefer online payment to pay the bills. But Praveen has stopped using the mobile payment app due to the poor internet connection, doing payment in cash troubles his customers.

He had to close his food Centre for whole day in order to pay his Electricity, Water and DTH bills. After meeting the Yuva Pay marketing team he got to know about the Yuva Pay app, and he downloaded the application. From one and half year he is the user of Yuva Pay. It helps him solve all his problems regarding payments, now he doesn’t need to close his fast-food Centre to pay the bills, with the help of YUVA Pay he can pay bills directly to the government services. And his customers are happy to know that they can pay through mobile payment apps without internet connectivity. Yuva pay solved their problems in changes and saved his time and energy.


Yuva pay is a secure mobile transaction which works with or without the internet connection, that supports both smart and featured phones for the last mile who are in un connected and un banked.